Upgrade to a smart production calendar

Project-based calendars and timelines make planning productions easier than ever.

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A calendar made for creative teams

  • Create events and milestones per project
  • View talent availabilities in the calendar
  • Choose between a calendar view and a timeline view
  • Upload files and assign tasks to calendar events

Production timelines you can rely on

  • Use project phases to structure your timeline
  • Share the calendar with clients and colleagues
  • Use emojis in milestones
  • Drag and drop workflow

Sync with your Google Calendar

  • Show your Google Calendar events in WhoCan
  • Show WhoCan events in your Google Calendar
  • Sync to Outlook and Apple Calendar (coming soon)

Calendar FAQs

Is there a calendar for each project?

You have one overall calendar with events from all projects and you can filter this to display a project-based calendar.

What type of events can I create?

You can create anything you would like to track in a calendar. This could be an activity with a start and end date, an actual event like a shooting day or a milestone. Milestones can be marked as completed and will be displayed in your projects as well.

What info can I add to an event?

Besides a start and end date, you can add a description, tasks, file attachments and comments to an event.

What info can be synced to my Google Calendar?

Any WhoCan event can be displayed in your Google Calendar. After connecting your Google account, you'll see a new calendar called WhoCan in your Google Calendar sidebar.

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