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Casting superpowers for everyone

Get castings done fast, with a beautiful talent board, automation and more.

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Simplify your casting process

  • Interactive online casting boards
  • Specify options and track them in the calendar
  • Clients can comment, rate and give feedback
  • Reuse talent profiles across projects

Automate the heavy work

  • Import model agency packages in seconds
  • Automatic image detection from model links
  • Download automatically created PDF compcards
  • Use tags and comments to structure your talent database

Stunning model presentation

  • Mobile responsive model profiles
  • Enter valuable metadata like previous experience and sizes
  • Grid and list view cover all use cases
  • Drag and drop images and videos

Castings FAQs

Do I have to manually create talent profiles?

No, you can import model agency links and WhoCan automatically creates the model profiles. You can still create talent profiles one by one.

Can I keep track of the option process?

Yes you can mark options for talents on individual days and view them in your project and in the project calendar. You can also mark talents as unavailable or booked.

What information can I store in the talent profile?

You can upload a portfolio with images and videos, add measurements, sizes, Instagram and website links, a bio, previous clients and many more useful information.

How does the package link import work?

You copy and paste the link to the agency package and WhoCan detects images, talent names and (based on the website structure and agency software used) also measurements. You can then edit each profile, for example to remove unwanted images in the portfolio.

Why should I use this over sharing PDF compcards with clients?

Creating PDFs takes time as you might want to customise a talent's portfolio and thus manually create the PDF. They don't look good on mobile phones and they are and not interactive. Clients cannot comment, view videos or interact in any way with a PDF.

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