Customer relationship management for creative teams

Solve the problem of who know's who in your creative team with one centralised source of truth, the CRM.

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Create a database with all your contacts

  • Manage contact details
  • Manage companies, agencies and vendors you work with
  • Create comprehensive location pages
  • Add portfolios to crew and talent profiles
  • Use comments and tags to organise your database

All-in-one location pages

  • Upload location images and videos
  • Preview address in Google maps
  • Add amenities, square space and rental info to locations
  • Share location pages with your team

Stunning talent and creative profiles

  • Create crew, creatives and talent profiles in your CRM
  • Add image and video portfolios
  • Different profile types for talents, creatives and clients


What kind of information can I add to a contact?

Besides contact details you can add a profile image, description, comments and tags. For talent and creative profiles you can also add a portfolio. Contacts are also connected to companies.

Can I use the contact info for billing?

Yes. With WhoCan you can simply create an invoice and choose a contact from your CRM. It will automatically use the contacts' billing details for the invoice.

Can I import existing contacts?

Importing contacts is a coming soon feature. However, you can reach out to us and we will import your contacts for you.

How can I structure the CRM records?

By default, the CRM has 3 categories: Contacts, companies and locations. Contacts are further divided into the subcategories crew & creatives, talents and clients. You can customise the structure by adding tags to CRM records and filter by tags, name and other values.

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