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Media galleries that make collaboration easy

Beautiful media galleries help you and your clients to find the best shots in seconds.

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"My clients love the time tracker and color flagging in the media galleries."
Jean-Marc Wiesner, Photographer

Find the right shots in a flash

  • Share media galleries with clients or team members
  • Use colour flags to mark file statuses
  • Clients can comment, rate and give feedback
  • Get notified about new comments
  • Videos supported

Deliver media assets like a pro

  • Let clients download folders and files
  • Receive a notification on file downloads
  • Upload one high-res file, download any file size (auto-resized)
  • Beautiful gallery view when sharing images
  • No download expiration

Staying organised was never easier

  • Online project structure with folders
  • Clients can access all galleries through their client portal
  • Know who viewed which file how often
  • Filter files by status, name, comments and likes

Media gallery FAQs

How much storage is available?

Free users get 10 GB storage, Professional users get 1 TB and Team users have 3 TB storage available. You can however upgrade further. Get in touch for a custom quote.

Do I get a notification when someone downloads files?

Yes you receive an email notification. You can also turn off notifications for this if you prefer not to get emails.

What file formats are supported?

You can upload any file. File previews are available for common image and video formats. Certain RAW files might not preview correctly. All files can be downloaded.

How does automatic resize work?

You can choose common image ratios or pick you own. When specifying only height or width you can keep the other value at AUTO to keep the existing image ratio and simply resize it. When specifying height and width, a centered crop will apply.

Where are my files stored?

We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for a scalable and secure file hosting. Your files are stored in a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which makes them super fast to access from around the world. When deleting files they are deleted everywhere – fully GDPR compliant. Enterprise customers can choose to specify a server location.

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