Project management for creative teams

Simple, yet powerful features made for creative teams to manage projects easily.

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"WhoCan helps us speed up productions by making collaboration on projects easy."
Daniel Scheuch, Fuchsfabrik

Keep track of project activities

  • Customise your dashboard with tasks, projects and events
  • Create and assign tasks to get things done
  • Schedule milestones and keep track of upcoming milestones
  • Manage your own workload and your team workload
  • Track times worked on tasks

Easy task management

  • Add estimated times, priorities and due dates to tasks
  • Receive email notification when assigned to tasks
  • Work in a team with everyone seeing the bigger picture
  • Connect tasks with calendar events

Resource management

  • View your teams workload and redistribute tasks
  • Track project budgets
  • Export working times as CSV for invoicing

Project management FAQs

For which team size is project management made?

Project management is built to be flexible so that it works for teams of all sizes. You can simply add tasks to a project when working as a freelancer or as a project manager of larger teams you can dive deeper into all the functionality from time tracking, task assignment, milestone planning and more.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. We know that creative teams value simple processes without hundreds of buttons and filter options making a system hard to understand. Project management on WhoCan is intuitively to use for everyone, even if you have no project management experience.

How is it different from project management tools like Asana or Monday?

Project management integrates into all other features of the platform. For example you can add tasks to an event that you created for a casting. It all seamlessly works together in one place.

How does budget tracking work?

You add a maximum budget to your project. Then you can add expenses and tasks with estimated times and your hourly rates. Each completed task will substract the rate from the total budget, leaving you with an overview if you are over or under your budget.

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