Next level shot lists and storyboards

Trade your spreadsheets and PDFs with online shot lists and storyboards.

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Full control over shot items

  • Drag and drop shots to reorder
  • Configure the table columns to customise shot item data
  • Create multiple shot lists per project
  • Export shot lists as PDF
  • Connect shots to talents and locations

Switch between storyboards and lists

  • Use the grid view to create storyboards
  • Two-in-one: shot lists and storyboards use the same shot info
  • Add images to shot items
  • Mark shots completed during production

Collaborate with clients and colleagues

  • Share shot lists with others
  • Give edit or view permissions
  • Collect comments per shot

Shot list and storyboard FAQs

What information can I add to shots?

You can add any information you want. There's a predefined set of fields like start time, shot number, description but you can create your own fields and select the field type (i.e. multi select, checkbox, text input) and change the order of the table columns.

What's the difference between a shot list and a storyboard?

Shot lists and storyboards use the same information in WhoCan. A storyboard is using the same shots but displays them with a large image in a storyboard style. You can easily build a shot list and storyboard without doing any work twice.

Can I export shot lists as a PDF?

Yes, you can export shot lists and storyboards as PDF.

Can I reuse shot list templates?

Yes you can duplicate previous projects and keep any existing shot list configuration for your next project.

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